About Sean Lang Theatre


Welcome to my blog about my writing for the theatre.

I am a historian as well as a playwright, and to me theatre is an invaluable channel for exploring ideas about the past, about our relationship with history, and about belief.

Here you will find pages about various plays and films I have written. All have been performed and some have been published – where this is the case, I give details of where the full text can be found.

To me, historical writing is a creative art and I am interested in how it can be approached through theatre.  This raises many questions about authenticity and accuracy and I will be addressing these through blog posts on here; you are very welcome to join in the discussion.

Theatre is also a powerful way to explore the real emotions and dilemmas that are thrown up by belief. I have written a number of plays that examine the stories and themes to be found in the Bible. I like to get well away from traditional approaches and make audiences think more deeply. Again, I’ll be posting thoughts about this and I welcome feedback.

If you’re interested in any of the plays on here, email me at SF_Lang@hotmail.com.  You can follow me on Twitter: @sf_lang