The Great War – 1916: His Plan of Attack

There is no more controversial figure in the Great War than Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. His reputation has been so heavily attacked, as a heartless butcher sending men into battle against impossible odds, that it can be difficult to appreciate what a national hero he was while he was alive. Moreover, historians have more recently not only salvaged his reputation and shown that, while he undoubtedly made mistakes, he was a far better and more successful commander than his critics have recognised, but they have turned equally savage scorn on some of those critics, accusing them of amateurishness, ignoring evidence and straightforward prejudice.

The decision in 1916 to launch a British mass attack on the Somme, rather than the joint French-British attack that had originally been planned, or the British attack in Belgium that Haig preferred, is the subject of this, the third play in the Great War cycle.

1916 – His Plan of AttackĀ was produced at the Mumford Theatre, Cambridge, 16-18 April 2018.


1916 POA Poster High Res.jpg